Techvoice Systems - Customized Software Solutions for Small Business

We can help small businesses by offering them software products or do custom development as per their requirements.

Hisaab Point of Sale (POS)

Daily sales, settlements, products inventory, supplier payments. Integrated with PC-Eftpos. For small business selling merchandise items (Grocery store etc).
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Remittance Solution (MSB)

Online solution for daily remittances request either cash collection or bank deposit. Made simple for MSB running mostly as a single owner or family.
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Invoice Management (IOLTA)

Easy web based for small law firms or other businesses needed customers, invoices or matter (Law) management for the work done or services provided.
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VoIP IP PBX (3CX Partner)

Helping small businesses with complete VoIP (IP PBX) setup at reasonable cost saving huge on telephone bills and have professional business look and feel.
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We are Customised
Software Solutions

We are providing professional customised software solutions, responsive website design, and VoIP (3CX IP PBX) setup services across Melbourne on competitive rates for small businesses.

What we do

We create

Professional brand for small business by offering them responsive eye catching website, customised software solutions in order to automate their business and VoIP setup for cost effective communication.

We look to the future

Based on our experience we believe in providing generic software solutions that can help the business for longer period of time with out repeatedly coming to us for changes.

We find a solution

Because of globalisation and compliance requirements, companies often required to integrate with third party software or provide API/subscription with their software as a service.

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