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The Becker Institute was founded by Fred Becker in 1990 with the sole purpose of helping adults in Developing Self-reliant and Responsible Children, Back to The Basics.

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If you're a teacher, parent, foster parent, after school program staff member, coach, mentor, day care provider or any adult who works with kids we want to help you improve your knowledge, skill base and perceptions. We want you to give the children you work with the best chance to become happy, healthy and successful as youth and adults.

We live in a world where values, morals and ethic norms are challenged by a variety of influential media and peer pressure.

It's a world where kids have unlimited choices, attitudes of entitlement, and life changing decisions to make with very little life experience, skill development or common sense. It's a world where kids seem to be struggling.

In this fast paced world adults have limited time or influence in raising their children and parent advice seems to be contradictory with limited effectiveness. Parents are also struggling with the job of raising their children.

It is time to go back to the basics and start parenting with an "Attitude". Parents need to take control and do the job of raising their children to give them the perceptions, social and emotional skills, and positive attitude they will need to lead a healthy, happy, and productive life.

We can no longer leave the development of our children up to schools, media, peers and other social influences. The chance of failure is too great.

Becker Institute is dedicated to helping adults develop simple plans composed of seven basic processes that form the foundation for the development of perceptions and social and emotional skills needed for children to be Self-Reliant and Responsible.

These processes will allow parents to provide pro-social opportunities for their children to change and restore respect, empathy and healthy relationships among family members. We need to put the joy back in parenting.

Developing Self-Reliant and Responsible Children, Back To The Basics is for all parents or any adults who work with youth wither you are struggling with your children or experiencing only positive results. Our programs will raise your level of effectiveness.

Kids and Drugs BookOur children are constantly changing and so must we to help them change for the better.

The Becker Institute offers a wide variety of workshops, presentations and learning tools designed to empower families, educators, and businesses to enhance relationships and improve outcomes. The Institute is directed by Fred B. Becker, a no-nonsense educator with over thirty years experience, and a reputation as a dynamic workshop leader and facilitator.

Fred is a licensed professional educator with over 34 years experience working with adolescents and parents as a classroom instructor, special projects trainer and program director. He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of programs in the areas of substance abuse, violence, multicultural relationships, classroom management, parent involvement, character development, and adult/child relationships.

He is a popular speaker for community groups, schools and business at both the local and national level. Fred has received numerous awards, including recognition by the San Diego Business Community as Outstanding Educator, Educator of the Year, by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, and Prevention Educator of the Year. He is a member of the National Drug Prevention Task Force, Schools for Kid, and the California School/Law Enforcement Partnership.

He has also authored a number of educational tools and courses, and most recently, co-authored Power, Control and Trust: Getting What You Want in an Adult World. His most treasured rewards are a healthy 38-year marriage, two prospering grown children, and correspondence with others whose lives he has helped change.

Fred has a gifted ability to create a safe learning environment, encouraging open communication of feelings and problem solving. His courses and workshops are lively, interactive, emotion-packed and life-changing. His honesty and positive attitude make Fred a trusted and sought-after teacher, trainer and presenter.

His keynote addresses to young and old alike educate, inspire and motivate.

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